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Our Staff


Jennifer describes herself as endearingly eccentric. She has been working at NWAH since 2017. She used to work in the food industry, but found it unfulfilling. A friend of hers worked at NWAH and thought it might be a good fit. Jennifer has had a lot of odd pets growing up including: rats, ferrets, tortoises, turtles and iguana and a chameleon. She has always loved animals. She currently has one pointy eared child named Geiger who is a cat. Geiger is the most spoiled cat of all time. 


Julia is one of our registered veterinary technicians at Northwest Animal Hospital. She has been working at NWAH since 2004. Julia will tell you that Northwest Animal Hospital has been a great place to work. Being here so long, she has really enjoyed the relationships that have been built with the clients and their pets. The whole veterinary team at NWAH is knowledgeable about veterinary care and it has always been a pleasure to work with this superb team. Outside of work, she enjoys backpacking with her husband, John. Her son, Henry, keeps Julia busy along with her senior group of pets, Carmen, Stark and Lou.


Hayley has worked in veterinary medicine for four years but is fairly new to NWAH, and absolutely loves it here! She has one crazy cat (Evander Holyfield) and two crazy boys (Anthony 9; Enzo 6) that keep her pretty busy. She enjoys puzzles and knitting when she gets some free time. Hayley can tell Dr. Hollenbach and Dr. Hird genuinely care about their patients and can’t wait to grow with our practice. 


Maria is a full time vet assistant who grew up with a passion for animals. One of her favorite activities in her free time as a child was roaming the neighborhood on ‘lost dog’ patrol. She is hardworking and dedicated to veterinary medicine so your pet will always leave feeling happy and healthy. When off work. Maria takes her dogs to different parks and enjoys being outside.


Erica is our practice manager. She has been in the veterinary field for eleven years and in management for eight years. She joined NWAH in September of 2019 and is highly impressed by the work ethic, amazing attitudes and willingness to take on change from the staff. She has fostered and rehomed many dogs and cats over the years. Currently she has four dogs and two cats that keep her busy. She loves to take the dogs hiking and has mastered the group pet photo while out in nature.